"Have More Fun with 2 boats in 1"

Island Cruiser Boats

As you may know, it can be very costly and time consuming to maintain or repair boats.  Island Cruiser boats were first designed to solve ongoing maintenance issues with rental boats at nearby Lake Murray Water Sports.  Owners, Larry & Danielle Brown, never dreamed there would be a demand outside of their rental company for such a unique boat.  After many years of thorough testing and improvements in the rental industry, the couple recognized the opportunity of offering this durable and unique boat to others.  Island Cruiser is now in its early stages of managing growth and has not yet begun to implement widespread marketing.

However, if you are tired of having problems with maintenance and damages, such as carpet stains, upholstery tears, sun fading, prop and lower unit mishaps, flimsy side rail dents, etc., then please consider meeting with us to discuss the benefits of owning an Island Cruiser boat.  

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If you are interested in learning more about the Island Cruiser Boats, or would like to have your very own,  please contact us to set up a meeting.